Saturday, January 16, 2010

Reflections on Avatar

Been to see that movie three times now, and each time I've left the theater there's the regret that I cannot realistically watch it in IMAX 3D.

Why three times? Because the movie is a non-stop climactic rollercoaster, each scene and each action sequence is loaded with breathtaking landscapes, incredible creatures and the kind of choreography that could make three separate movies a success.(Granted, of course, that none of these make a lot of sense scientifically; I keep stifling the engineer inside me to keep from ruining the fun).

More and more movies of late have of course been moving towards this non-stop-climactic-rollercoaster pattern. The kind of flicks that build up a nuanced narrative while continually pacing the story-telling against the attention-grabbing are on the wane (2009's notable exception was Das Weisse Band, great movie if you're cool with subtitles and black & white); but while I do decry the slow, sorry demise of story-telling, there's certainly a lot to be said for the kind of action Avatar presents so well.

Next movie I'm watching multiple times at the theater: Legendary Pictures' remake of Clash of the Titans.


  1. i did'nt get most of the things u wrote,but i totally loved the movie!!!!

  2. the 'mono' signaiture at the end is killin the buzz ;)