Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pillow Talk

I. Immaculate Misconception

Too many people were hitler this year
so it was unsurprising to hear
from someone, maybe Jon Stewart
(because Jon is one clever J-Streeter),
that Hitler also is hitler.

It's a smug joke and it's going
to restore sanity to this world. 

Thanks, but no thanks, if today sanity
demands you be as supercilious
as to bludgeon with your sense of superiority -
or gas with tabun,
Shoot with a cannon?
Whatever, anything goes -
six million Jews,

Yes, Hitler is hitler, I get it.
It means we're gonna
be okay and not
hitler, as long
as we are short
by a few Unte-
Whoops! Almost.

Hitler went to hell
because Hitler was Christian
and I am Musulman.
That's French for Muslim.
Or perhaps he is in Heaven,
because he murdered those six million.
Or he went to Heaven
because the God we have in common
by all accounts is Merciful.

Even if only Kurt were right,
and Hitler said to God, "Entschuldigen Sie."
Why shouldn't that have been enough?
Why could not he've thusly said?
Then could not He have so done?
Me? I've just barely so thunk.
It's not like he's saying it to me.
We could never forgive him.
That could be why he's not said it.

Here the focus is on "could."
I'm not worried about the likelihood.
We'll crunch the numbers in due
time, and time itself in Part Two.

It makes a kind of sense for certain,
I think they call it Inception.
But you have to've seen the movie:
like a miraculous suspension
of our collective disbelief.

So if Hitler were in Heaven,
and this after all he has done,
Then why am I here with you, stuck?
Maybe because of what we have not done?
We ought to speed up things maybe,
like that time we spoke to me,
and you said it's a minor procedure.
"Just enough to let the air in?"

You think we need five million
nine hundred ninety nine thousand 
nine hundred ninety nine random
procedures? Heaven!

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