Thursday, December 23, 2010

Through Your Jalousies

I sat atop that hill there, see?
I reached and saw you descend
like that sequin for myself
I peeled off her dress.

Now I have you:
Blackened and dull but
while you fell you burnt
with what consumptive ecstasy
could only belie
that message most awaited, true,
but having lost all surprise!
You see? It is become as she,
foretold my Andromeda, beloved.

But from afar have you traveled,
and I'll not be thought unkind.
So before you rest
speak your mind -
lest we part again
after tonight. And I'd rather
hear it from you and sooner
but, and do please pardon,
for so saying, my candor,
but this hero is come late
and inspires in us,
us of Him, see?
Little or no fright.

October - December 2010

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